Finding a professional farrier able to look after your horse’s shoeing and hoof care needs takes time. You should choose someone whose experience you trust and you should be able to fully trust them with your horse’s hoof care. Dion Clegg is a highly experienced farrier, offering a range of essential hoof care services in Lancashire to keep your horses trotting on the right path.


Not every horse requires the weight and protection of horseshoes. Some are perfectly capable of managing with just a hoof trim, and a professional farrier can provide a comprehensive trimming service. The art of trimming goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about maintaining the health and functionality of the hooves.

With plenty of experience, Dion knows that trimming isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Each horse is unique, and the correct balance of the hoof capsule is paramount. Dion’s expertise ensures that your horse receives a precise and tailored trim.

Horse Shoeing

For horses that need a little extra support or protection, shoeing becomes essential. There are many different types of horse shoe and the right fit is essential. Dion Clegg is experienced in horse shoeing, offering a variety of shoeing options to suit different needs.

From traditional shoeing to specialised remedial shoeing, Dion’s extensive experience covers them all. Whether your horse is a competitive athlete or a beloved pet, Dion ensures that the shoes fitted are a custom-tailored solution to enhance hoof function and overall comfort.

Comprehensive Hoof Care

Hoof care isn’t just about shoeing and trimming; it’s an approach that considers every facet of hoof health. Dion Clegg offers a comprehensive hoof care service covers all aspects of maintaining healthy hooves.

The service includes addressing common issues such as abscesses, bruised soles, and the laminitis. Dion’s expertise extends to connecting you with other equine professionals when necessary, ensuring that your horse receives the best care possible. He can provide advice and refer you to other professionals should your horse’s hoof care require further medical intervention.

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Caring for your horses must be a priority. A key component of this is maintaining their hoof health and regular shoeing, if necessary. A professional and experienced farrier like Dion Clegg is here to help you ensure your horse’s hooves are always in top condition and your horse can run, trot and canter comfortably.

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