If you own horses in Lancashire, you’re likely aware of the important of proper horse shoeing services and the need for professional hoof care. Horses rely on their hooves for stability and mobility, making it imperative to keep their hooves in top condition. Dion Clegg is a experienced farrier offering horse shoeing in Lancashire and we’re looking at this service in more depth below.

Understanding Hoof Growth

On average, a horse’s hooves grow at a rate of approximately 1/4 to 3/8 inch every month. Considering the typical hoof length of 3-4 inches, this means that horses effectively renew their hooves annually. Horses with rapid hoof growth are fortunate, as it makes maintenance through regular trimming and shoeing more straightforward.

Variations in Growth

It’s worth noting that horse hooves can exhibit variations in growth rates, especially during the winter months. Regardless of these seasonal fluctuations, it’s crucial to stick to your scheduled horse shoeing in Lancashire. Dion’s experience means he can help put in place a suitable schedule for your horses based on their hoof growth.

Essentials of Regular Hoof Maintenance

Proper hoof care is essential, and it’s a unique process for each horse. Routine hoof maintenance includes regular cleaning and inspection so you can spot any problems with the hoof or shoe. Equally, you should be in contact with your farrier regularly to ensure that your horse’s hoof health is optimal.

The Role of Your Farrier

Selecting the right farrier is crucial due to their role in your horse’s comfort and health. Correct trimming and shoeing are key to a horse’s welfare and not getting the help of a professional can be detrimental to your horse’s health.

Deciding whether to use shoes depends on factors such as the horse’s workload and activity level. In some cases, front shoes may suffice. If you’re not sure whether your horse requires shoes then you can discuss this with your farrier.

Planning Your Hoof Maintenance Schedule

Shod horses ideally require reshoeing every five to six weeks to maintain optimal hoof health. Unshod horses, despite softer surfaces, still require regular farrier visits to maintain well-balanced and properly trimmed hooves.

Once you’ve engaged Dion Clegg for your horse shoeing in Lancashire, you can put a schedule in place to ensure the optimal health of your horse’s shoes and hooves.

Farrier Services and Horse Shoeing in Lancashire

Dion Clegg is an experienced and qualified farrier in the Ribble Valley area of Lancashire He offers comprehensive hoof care and horse shoeing. Contact Dion to schedule an appointment.