Farrier in Lancashire

Dion Clegg

Dion Clegg is an experienced farrier in Lancashire, providing horseshoeing and related services to customers across the Ribble Valley and around Lancashire.

Fully registered and highly skilled, Dion helps to care for your horses’ feet and ensures they can move comfortably and perform as you need.

Does my horse need shoeing?

Not all horses need shoeing and inf act survived for thousands of years without shoes. However, the horses we keep for personal, professional, working and performance purposes will often require shoes for several reasons including:

  • Preventing excessive wearing of the foot wall and sole when moving on abrasive surfaces such as tarmac and concrete
  • Enhancing performance in terms of grip, the horse’s movement, and action or to protect against injury

There are also other reasons, and it may a personal preference of you as the owner to have your horse in shoes. Regardless of shoes, you need a reliable and regular farrier to help ensure your horse’s feet are well cared for. A basic understanding of foot and hoof care is vital for all horse owners and your farrier can help ensure you have all the information you need.

Dion Clegg: Farrier in Lancashire

Dion Clegg has built up considerable experience as a farrier, working with others in the industry and gaining his qualifications as a professional farrier. Throughout his apprenticeship with a highly experienced local farrier in Lancashire he received his Dip WCF Farrier from Hereford College. His connection and love for horses has been lifelong, riding since the age of eight and working up to Hunter trials and eventing.

His understanding and experience with horses means he provides a high level of service to all customers and can advise on the best shoeing your horse or any other foot care requirements.

Services from your Farrier in Lancashire

Dion Clegg can provide you with a range of horse shoeing and foot care services. He can help with:

Horse shoeing

There are many different ways to shoe a horse. The requirements change from horse to horse and the reasons behind the process. There are a range of different shoe sizes and styles. Dion has a wide range of experience in different types of horseshoes and can also provide remedial shoeing.

Remedial shoeing and farriery help to support lame horses. Remedial shoeing is specific to the horse and its specific needs from younger horses with crooked limbs to older horses experiencing laminitis. Remedial shoeing is possible with traditional horseshoes but there are also alternative options.


If your horse does not have shoes then you still need to maintain and look after their feet. If your horse manages without shoes then Dion can provide trimming services to maintain the hooves. Regular trimming and balancing of the hoof capsule helps to ensure the horse’s feet are kept in best condition.

Hoof Care

Dion’s extensive experience and training as a farrier means he has an intimate knowledge of horse foot care and how to properly look after your horse’s feet.

Book Dion Clegg, Farrier in Lancashire

Dion works within a 20-mile radius of the Ribble Valley and can arrange an appointment to see your horses and provide the farrier service you need. Get in touch today to arrange an appointment.